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The time is right for an AIF investment !

WORLD 5 brings you a meticulously curated bouquet of pre-identified exceptional off-market opportunities where the ideas are real with a perpetual market demand justifying its scalability and growth helmed by handpicked matured Founders.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ride upon the substantial growth and impressive returns -

  • Access to exceptional pre-identified off-market opportunities
  • Higher potential returns compared to stocks, bonds, MFs etc
  • Regulated structure, Top notch team
  • Portfolio growth managed directly with continuous monitoring, mentoring.
  • Chance to be part of upcoming brands, potential Unicorns

WORLD 5 selects 12 - 15 portfolio investments for any Scheme through stringent qualifying and evaluation mechanisms based on real ideas, scalability, exit valuation and execution capabilities which are further scrutinised and validated by a AI based proprietary tech-engine WORLDVIEW ®

A very large number of pitches are studied in depth before any investment decision is made. The foremost focus is to ensure that the portfolio entity has a clear path to provide exit and required IRR.

WORLD 5 have multiple schemes with different investment thesis. Though it is improper to speculate the Return on Investments at the very outset, however our internal analysis and judgement, with respect to diligently selected portfolio entities with clearly planned exit strategies allows us to reasonably anticipate an IRR of ~ 25-30%

Units of the Fund are issued against Capital Contribution into WORLD 5 through Contribution Agreement under SEBI approved PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) for each Scheme accompanied by standard KYC/AML.

SEBI permits WORLD 5 to accept investments from sophisticated and matured investors which includes HNIs, Family Offices and Institutional Investors from India and internationally.

Investor information is strictly confidential for general consumption and is only shared with relevant regulatory authority.