We are regulated by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)

Governing Structure Highlights

WORLD 5, being a regulated entity works under the prescribed SEBI AIF structure.

  • WORLD 5 FUND is a TRUST established under the Indian Trust Act
  • The TRUST is registered with SEBI - License Number IN/AIF1/19-20/0766
  • The TRUST is managed by SEBI empanelled TRUSTEE
  • The TRUST receives capital from Investors (contributors)
  • The TRUST deploys capital into various opportunities under various Schemes
  • The TRUST Schemes are approved by SEBI on the basis of respective investment ethos

WORLD 5 is managed by an Investment Manager - WORLD V VC ADVISORS LLP

  • Investment Manager is approved by SEBI
  • Investment Manager identifies opportunities, evaluates and takes investment decisions
  • Investment Manager has a Charter of Responsibilities specified by SEBI
  • Investment Manager is responsible for portfolio management and exit

  • WORLD 5 is audited by Deloitte, one of the Global Big 4 accounting firms
  • Each TRUST scheme approved by SEBI maintains separate Bank accounts
  • Our bankers are HSBC and IndusInd Bank

WORLD 5, being an AIF has certain specific tax features. One of the features provides a pass through taxation regime for WORLD 5 investors i.e. gains from investment are not subject to double tax, but directly taxed in the hands of the Investors (contributors) as if investments were directly made by them providing flexibility in the hands of respective Investors.

Taxation provisions applicable are provided in detail in PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) of each WORLD 5 Scheme and is available to any person/entity who is an Investor (contributor) in WORLD 5.

  • SEBI mandated investment disclosures applicable
  • Information pertaining to Investors are strictly confidential
  • Investor rights including participation in meetings and voting rights stipulated by SEBI
  • Portfolio valuation (FUND NAV) by independent valuers, shared with investors twice a year

WORLD 5 has put in place a Conflict of Interest Policy, as per guidance issued by SEBI through various circulars.Conflict of Interest policy ensures that all actions of the Fund adhere to the strict principle of being unbiased and not in favour of any particular person, group or entity.

WORLD 5 decision making matrix is disclosed in detail in each PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) of each Scheme, approved by SEBI and ensures that the decision making is structured under a defined process with checks and balances in place.